We know how painful it is to lose good employees, and how great is the damage caused by dissatisfied employees. This is exactly why emplometry was created

emplometry determines the level of employee's satisfaction with their work in the company in real time and notifies about reducing this level

How it works

We connect the data sources of your choice (ERP, HRMS, HCMS, LMS, 360-degree assessment, Social Media, time trackers, etc.) into our platform.

The platform uncovers hidden risks of employees attrition based on not personified data from company sources and relevant statistics from industry and sends it to you in customizable reports.


We export the relevant data, analyze it and immediately notify you of anything that requires your attention.

emplometry is reachable on any preferable devices.


Uncover what's causing unwanted employees turnover

Get notified each time when satisfaction drops or rises.

Identify the most effective retention advises.

Users of our service will be able to provide effective prevention communications with their employees to reduce unwanted turnover.


Automation of data acquisition and analysis

emplometry fills the employee's Timeline based on the analysis of the data from your company's systems.

All events are classified by the degree of influence on the risk factors.

Manual input is also available.